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Jee designs and manufactures unique, handmade leather bags that exudes the fact that a little toughness, femininity and sophistication combines wonderfully together. The collection consists of different kinds of bags, matching the turbulent, dynamic lifestyles of the fashionable woman of today. In the playful and versatile range of Jee’s collection, a bag for any occasion can be found. The material used for Jee’s bags is rugged leather with a soft feel, especially in the natural colors used. As time passes, the leather will develop its own character, so the bags become even more beautiful.

The collection of Jee is not seasonal. Partly due to the timeless design of the bags, the other by the colour of the leather which make them adapt well to any outfit or look. Different models will return again through the seasons but in new leather colours. Another important recurring feature is the processing of and the reference to flowers and plants in the broadest sense. In addition, the name of each Jee Bag is inspired by a flower or plant in Latin. As well as the little star in the logo which carries a special meaning for Janneke and runs like a read thread through the collection.