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About Jee

Jee Bags was founded in 2010 by Janneke Peters and is based out of Den Haag, The Netherlands.

Janneke studied fashion design at the Art Academy in Arnhem, The Netherlands. After graduating in 2002, she went on studying for masters title in “Fashion, Design and Strategy”, successfully graduating in 2004. The year after her graduation she worked as a fashion designer for various women labels in the higher segment. After 6 years working as a fashion designer she decided to follow her dream and starts ‘Jee Bags by Janneke Peters’. Besides her label she works as a freelance stylist for various dutch magazines whereby she focuses most on DIY and lifestyle productions, illustrations and workshops.

About the bags

A good leather bag will last a lifetime. A bag that will adapt to every outfit and season, the leather aging and becoming softer and more beautiful each time your wear your bag, that and the lovely smell of real leather is what makes a perfect bag for me. And there you have Jee Bags – set out to create lovely leather bags that add a unique touch to day-to-day wearing.

Jee designs and manufactures unique, handmade leather bags that exudes the fact that a little toughness, femininity and sophistication combines wonderfully together. The collection consists of different kinds of bags, matching the turbulent, dynamic lifestyles of the fashionable woman of today. The material used for Jee’s bags is rugged leather with a soft feel. As time passes, the leather will develop its own character, so the bags become even more beautiful.

“I love beautiful things”

‘I design bags for women who are able to emphasise their quirky sense of fashion and styling with the products they buy. I’d like to refer to my own personal style as an example: a mix of vintage, designer labels and less expensive brands. A feminine, unique, creative and fashionable look with a passion for sustainability. Matching the turbulent, dynamic lifestyles of the fashionable woman of today. ‘My collection consist of two parts: a retail collection and a smaller collection of special or unique items only available from my own website. When designing my collection of accessories I always keep wearability in mind. Each item is handmade in The Netherlands.’ Buying a Jee bag is a durable investment as they are “made with love, to last”.

To see what inspires Jee visit Jee’s Pinterest, Instagram or Facebook.

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COLLECTIV. by Swan Den Haag
Prinsestraat 5a
2513 CA Den Haag
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The Outside
Korte Houtstraat 9
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Het Appeltaartgevoel
Noordeinde 79
2514 GD Den Haag
+31 (0)70 737 02 17

Van Mij
Kerkstraat 1
6811 DL Arnhem
+31 (0)26 442 0307

Brainy Days
Jacob van Lennepkade 296
1053 NG Amsterdam
WhatsApp: + 31 (0)6 30 91 30 92

Tally Ho
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1811 EN Alkmaar
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Tally Ho
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1851 JA Heiloo
+31 (0)72 533 61 91

Tally Ho
Grote Noord 40-46
1621 KK Hoorn
+31 (0)22 921 88 41

7C Hallstile Bank
Hexham NE46 3PG, Northumberland, UK
+44 1434 600475

BUYMA World Fashion
Trading “Beaute”
103 reoparesu gerarude
3-14-14 shinmei, adachi-ku
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